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Bosch in Africa

Bosch breaking ground

Firming the future for Bosch in Morocco

Bosch breaking ground


  • Construction of an eco-friendly Bosch building
  • Investment accentuates commitment of Bosch to the Kingdom of Morocco
Casablanca, Morocco – Bosch breaks ground as the building of the new north African headquarters commences in Casablanca Morocco on the 23 November 2021, a year after purchasing some 2,700m2 of land. Plans to occupy the new premises remains on track for 2023.

The new premises consist of 4 floors and 2 basement levels, with a patio in the middle hosting some 350 people plus visitors. The building offers office space, with training and experience centres, in addition, a sales counter with aftersales service facilities and a small warehouse.

With its more than 400 locations worldwide, Bosch has been climate neutral worldwide since February 2020 (Scope 1 and 2). From the onset of planning, key objectives were defined and achieved of provisioning of a self-sustaining and environmentally friendly building. The full roof is covered with photovoltaic panels using advanced sustainable technologies. The smart building includes maximum comfort to users including air treatment, automatic light, and temperature adjustments. Elevation in local earth material used. Rainwater is collected, stored, and used for watering of internal plants.

The construction of official Bosch offices in Morocco confirms the commitment of the company to the Kingdom of Morocco and North Africa.

Bosch started its own presence in Morocco in 2008 with the establishment of a subsidiary in the White Goods sector; since then, Bosch has expanded to now operate across all its four business sectors.

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Bosch breaking ground in Morocco

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