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Bosch in Africa
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At home

Perfect technology for your home and garden.

Mowing the lawn and cutting lawn verges — all is done quickly and safely with Bosch.

Garden tools

Whether or not you were born with a green thumb, Bosch gardening tools will make it look like you were. Deftly sculpt hedges and shrubs, effortlessly trim unruly lawn edges, and quickly and safely shred tough branches and leaves. Create the garden of your dreams with our extensive range of innovative tools and accessories — and have fun in the process.

Fridge, washing machine, or coffee maker — Bosch Home Appliances make life a little bit easier every day.

Home appliances

Bosch Home Appliances is dedicated to providing intelligent, reliable, and appealing solutions to make life a bit easier every day.

This underscores Bosch’s ambition to create technology that always serves a purpose: our products are there whenever people need them, and harmonize with the home environment when they’re not — always supportive, never obtrusive.

Smart hot water and heating solutions

Heating and hot water

Smart and efficient: Bosch's customized solutions for indoor climate and home water heating feature cutting-edge technology, connectivity, ease of use and attractive design.

Bosch uses its extensive know-how to offer the most suitable solutions, whether in condensing technology, solar thermal systems, heat pumps or combined heat and power.

For comfortable and controlled work: the power tools for DIY from Bosch

Power tools for DIY enthusiasts

With the right power tools, DIY is twice as enjoyable. With Bosch, you not only have more options, you also work much more precisely, flexibly, safely, and productively. Our tools feature impressive quality, first-class handling, and state-of-the-art technology. Whatever you want to make, you can do it with Bosch.

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