Bosch DAS 3000 S20+

Bosch DAS 3000 S20+ camera and radar calibration device ADAS

A complete professional solution for efficient front radar and camera calibration


  • An innovative 3D positioning solution that allows the operator to adjust three essential parameters simultaneously: vehicle distance, lateral tool positioning, and tool rotation axis in relation to the rear axle thrust axis.
  • An innovative and intuitive graphical system with dynamic animation for positioning assistance.
  • Wheel claws with targets for extremely fast and precise positioning.
  • Bosch awarded a Prix de l'Equipement de garage 2021 in the Control and Measurement category in France.

An increasing number of modern passenger cars, vans and commercial vehicles are equipped with driver assistance systems that detect critical situations using camera systems and radar sensors. They warn the driver and intervene in case of imminent danger. As a result, automotive workshops have to calibrate these systems more and more frequently after repair or maintenance, work is completed.

With the DAS 3000 S20+, Bosch is able to offer a universal, computerized calibration device for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as windshield cameras, radar, lidars, night vision systems and 360° perimeter vision. The specific calibration lenses of the DAS 3000 S20+ allow it to adapt to different types of vehicles. The system works completely autonomously with its own software and can be coupled with the Bosch ESI [tronic] 2.0 online diagnostic software and the KTS range for the communication part with the vehicle.

This new all-in-one solution, coupled with a Bosch KTS diagnostic device integrating all advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) into its ESI[tronic] 2.0 online software, allows implementation, positioning and calibration 60% faster than conventional solutions, and all in accordance with the procedures defined by the vehicle manufacturers.

Flexible mobile payment gateway introduced in Ghana
Flexible mobile payment gateway introduced in Ghana
Flexible mobile payment gateway introduced in Ghana

3D distance measurement and alignment on the vehicle

Thanks to 3D technology made possible by HD cameras integrated into the DAS 3000 S20+ and supported by calibration targets mounted on new, fast and universal wheel claws for rims between 14 and 24 inches. The vehicle distance measurement as well as the lateral positioning of the DAS 3000 S20+ and its axis of rotation in relation to the rear axle, remain permanently and dynamically displayed on the software and in front of the operator's eyes. No more need for, a meter a rangefinder or, a laser to symmetrize the positioning. In addition, for distance measurements that need to refer to a point on the bumper. A new adapter included in the standard delivery, guarantees a fast and accurate measurement in accordance with the car manufacturers' specifications.

Extensive basic equipment

In addition to the basic structure of the Bosch DAS 3000 S20+, which is already rich in equipment. The delivery still includes a multifunctional calibration target that initially covers the brands VW, VL, VUL, AUDI, Seat, Skoda, Alfa-Romeo and Ferrari for camera calibration.This multifunctional target has the special feature so that it which also allows it to be used, as a reflective mirror when installed vertically. Its large size and large lateral displacement make it a universal radar calibration target without the need for height adjustment.The coloured positioning adapters associated with the large VW or Subaru targets for camera calibration; allow an instantaneous installation at the right height, depending on the vehicle to be calibrated, this results in very short installation times.The delivery also includes a high-precision magnetic measuring bar, for the positioning and adjustment of smaller camera targets (to be chosen at the time of purchase or ordered later in the current Bosch catalogue). This magnetic bar automatically adapts the distance between targets of the same model, according to the vehicles to be processed; thus limiting the number of models purchased for both investors and operators.

Thoughtful adaptation to the workplace

The DAS 3000 S20+ has been designed for easy and flexible use at a variety of workplaces: on the floor, in front of a four-post lift or scissor lift with wheel grips. Its basic setting can be adapted to the height of the workstation in question.

Highly flexible when used in conjunction with the diagnostic tools

Developed specifically for daily use in the workshop, Bosch also offers robust electronic tablets and diagnostic testers to complement the DAS 3000 S20+. The calibration procedure for in-car driver assistance systems outside the DAS 3000 S20+, is performed using the ESI[tronic] 2.0 online software. The new KTS generation works with OBD vehicle interfaces and the new Ethernet-based interfaces (DoIP). The Bosch DAS 3000 S20+ will also work in conjunction with third-party diagnostic tools if these are sufficiently modern and up-to-date. This particular point remains the sole responsibility of the workshop concerned.

A tool adapted to the world of repairs in general

The unique feature of the DAS 3000 S20+ is its dynamic 3D camera-positioning mode, making it the only solution on the market today that offers this technology. The new accessories, the new fast wheel supports, the new software with live graphic procedures and the solutions, for printing and storing test reports are the keys to fast, precise and documented work for all car workshops. The video of the DAS 3000 S20+ can be launched with the link on the right: BOSCH - DAS 3000 S20+. So whether you are considering a body shop, a windscreen changing network or a multi-activity automotive professional; cases requiring the calibration of camera and radar systems are now part of the everyday life of workshops. After repairs following an accident, replacement of defective windscreens or sensors, or even after having carried out an adjustment of the geometry of the undercarriage, the driver assistance systems have to be re-calibrated. The new Bosch DAS 3000 S20+ supports workshop personnel, with an innovative and highly secure solution for fast and precise work. The new Bosch DAS 3000 S20+ accompanies the workshop personnel with an innovative and highly secure solution for fast and precise work, in accordance with the manufacturer's procedures and with a price positioning that ensures an optimum return on investment.The first Bosch DAS 3000 S20+ in North Africa, is currently available in Morocco, installed on the premises of our partner Ibn Tachfine Pneumatic Centre, ready to receive vehicles for high-precision calibration.

Bosch's DAS 3000 S20+ Bench awarded a Prix de l'Equipement de garage 2021 in France

At the Equipment of the Year Awards in France organised by the French magazine "Décision Atelier", Bosch was given acknowledgement by professionals in the sector attesting to the recognised expertise of the Group's products and services. This seventh edition, held entirely digitally on 16 December 2021, crowned the Bosch DAS 3000 S20+ driving aid calibration bench as Equipment of the Year 2021 in the Control and Measurement category.

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