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Bosch Ghana recognised as a top performer in the energy industry at the GIPC Awards 2023

Celebrating excellence and innovation

Bosch Ghana at the GIPC Awards 2023


  • Bosch Ghana claims the second spot in the Energy industry at the 2023 GIPC Awards.
  • Setting high standards and raising the bar for industry peers with strong performance.
  • A commitment to excellence and innovation propels Bosch in Ghana to redefine industry standards, aligning with Ghana's economic growth agenda and global market aspirations.

In a sterling display of achievement and recognition, Bosch Ghana Limited out of 100 companies was ranked number 2 in the Energy industry at the 2023 GIPC Awards. The award ceremony, held at the Grand Arena of the Accra International Conference Center aimed to honour companies that are making trailblazing contributions to Ghana's economic landscape. Bosch Ghana’s achievement serves as a testament of unwavering dedication to innovation and quality with an overall ranking of 24 out of 100 companies.

To qualify or the awards received, Bosch Ghana Limited was well positioned to meet the stringent eligibility criteria, by strategically positioning itself in the competitive landscape. As a limited liability company boasting a positive cumulative equity balance over the past three years, Bosch Ghana Limited not only met the standards but raised the bar for industry peers.

The prestigious awards, meticulously validated by industry veterans KPMG, delved into the intricate facets of company performance. Beyond the financial metrics, the evaluation covered the dimensions of company size, growth trajectory, profitability and the profound impact each entity has made in the business landscape.

As Bosch Ghana Limited embraced this challenge, it demonstrated a dedication to not just meeting benchmarks but redefining them. This commitment to excellence underscores Bosch's proactive stance in shaping a future where innovation and impact synthesize.

The theme of the evening, “Accelerating Economic Growth: Amplifying Ghana’s Global Market Footprint Through AFCFTA”, resonated with Bosch Ghana Limited's ongoing commitment to contributing to Ghana's economic prosperity on the global stage.

The ceremony reached its pinnacle with a compelling speech from the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. His words emphasized the crucial role companies like Bosch Ghana Limited play in shaping Ghana's economic future.

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