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Bosch in Africa

Bosch Ghana automotive battery project

Protecting the Ghanaian environment

Bosch Ghana automotive battery project


Bosch in Ghana becomes a key player in the lead-acid Battery recycling project, established by a reverse logistic in partnership in collaboration with Ghanaian professional market players, City Waste Management Ghana, battery distributors, used battery collectors and end consumers. Automotive lead acid car batteries contain various heavy metals and toxic chemicals which is harmful to the environment and the health of individuals.

Currently, the management of used batteries in the field does not focus on socially responsible actions of key role players with no application of the recommended standards that ultimately posing health risks, soil contamination and water pollution. According to the United Nation statistics, the estimated market volume is around 800,000 units of batteries traded every year in Ghana.

“The long-term sustainability of Ghana environmental landscape requires legal compliance in the handling of used automotive Batteries, Bosch in Ghana full supports the recycling project that focuses on collection and recycling of used automotive lead batteries,” stated Julien Lacoste, West Africa Regional Director at Bosch Ghana

Kingsley Out-Koram, Country Sales Manager at Bosch Ghana, added, “The program targets batteries sellers, batteries collectors and end-users with an incentive program to bolster change in behaviours on handling of automotive batteries. In addition, the program aims also to support creation of formal jobs primarily in the logistic and training fields. As of November 2020, 14 collections points have already been deployed with an objective to double the collection points by 2021.”

Yves Nono, Africa Regional President confirmed the need for such initiatives and confirmed that, “After a successful pilot project in Ghana, we intend to expand such project across other African countries.”

As the world’s largest independent supplier to the automotive industry, Bosch significantly contributes toward making driving ever safer, cleaner, and more economical. Bosch develops innovative solutions that facilitate new mobility offerings for private or commercial vehicles, multimodal transportation services, fleet management, or smart transport infrastructure.

The Automotive Aftermarket division offers state-of-the-art spare parts, diagnostics solutions and services to maintain & repair vehicles over lifetime.

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