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Bosch in Africa

Bosch Power Tools increases access to power tools

Flexible mobile payment gateway introduced in Ghana


Bosch Power Tools Ghana drives forward with a flexible payment gateway to ensure that artisans have access to the power tools they need to get their jobs done. Enhancing the productivity of artisans requires upgrading from hand tools to power tools. This allows artisans to work more efficiently and to increase the profitability of their small business.

Flexible mobile payment gateway introduced in Ghana
Flexible mobile payment gateway introduced in Ghana
Flexible mobile payment gateway introduced in Ghana

The “Pay Small Small” campaign opens the doors to ownership of Bosch power tools through mobile payment platform. To register on this platform, users just need to dial *718*55# on their mobiles. Once registered on the system, the platform provides a choice of tools available for purchasing. After selecting a tool, the user actively pays off the tool via the mobile money platform in small payments until the tool is paid for. Delivery will take place after the full payment has been received. The campaign runs from the 16th May to the 21st August 2018.

Ensuring artisans are informed about this opportunity, the Bosch Power Tools Team will be visiting the ATTC centre in Accra from the 16th to the 18th May, followed by a visit to Kumasi from the 21st May at Sokoban Village and the Suame Magazzin on the 22 May. Thereafter the team heads to Takoradi from the 7th to the 8th June at Kokompe. Artisans will be introduced to the latest Bosch power tools range enjoying demonstrations and training sessions.

To further support the artisans, Bosch Power Tools Ghana has established a dedicated customer care hotline function between 8 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday, available on +233 (0)552557209.

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