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Bosch in Africa

Real change. Real people.

Bosch in Africa | Real change real people

Another side of Africa.

Across Africa, things are changing. In this series, we document these positive developments, highlighting how technology is playing a key role in this change and how it is impacting real people from a continent on the rise.

How’s the coffee?

Find out how farmers and processors are leveraging technology to further develop an industry that already supports 20 million locals.

How Bosch helps to improve lives of African communities: Coffee in Ethiopa

  • Stoppuhr
    Ethiopia’s coffee industry is coming of age. For it to truly flourish, Bosch has identified the need for effective packaging in this massive industry.
  • Beutel
    When raw beans are roasted, they emit gasses for up to 5 weeks, making the correct packaging essential for freshness and a lengthy lifespan.
  • Kaffeetasse
    The world’s biggest consumers of coffee are USA and Brazil.

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Would you like to know which role Bosch technology played in the project? Watch some reports and interviews.

Etiopian coffee farmer

Cassava, Nigeria’s next big thing?

Cassava has over 40 commercial uses but can also be consumed as a stable food. Nigeria is Africa’s biggest economy. It’s also the worlds biggest producer of Cassava, making it an important product for the country, its people and its future. Find out how Cassava is being pushed into the spotlight by a local industry, eager to develop it.

How Bosch Technology helps to improve the life of African communities: Cassava in Nigeria

  • Kontinent
    Cassava is not indigenous to Africa, it originally came from South America.
  • Menschen
    Cassava is consumed as part of a basic diet by over half a billion people.

Learn more about the Cassava project

Would you like to know which role Bosch technology played in the project? Watch some videos and see what the farmers or the Ministry of Agriculture say.

Women of the cassava farmers

Carving out a living

Find out how Ghana’s wood artisans and carpenters are boosting productivity and skills through technology.

Bosch Power Box: Empowering and uplifting Sokoban’s wood workers

  • Säge
    Home to nearly 4,000 wood artissans and carpenters, Sokoban Wood Village is the largest facility of its kind in West Africa.
  • Familie
    Sokoban Wood Village supports many of the families living in the nearby city of Kumasi.
  • Schaukelstuhl
    Bosch has realized that although the artisans and carpenters produce a wide range of products from furniture, doors, and partitions, they don’t always have the means to make the most of their skills.
  • Elektrowerkzeug
    The Bosch Power Box at Sokoban Wood Village offers tool leasing and finance options to save on time and material wastage, as well as hands on skills training.

Learn more about the Bosch Power Box project

Would you like to know how Bosch technology is empowering and uplifting Sokoban’s wood worker? Watch some videos and see what other people say.

Coordinator sokoban wood village