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Future-proof Bosch DCI 700 diesel test bench with new measurement system for latest injector technologies

Future-proof Bosch DCI 700 diesel test bench with new measurement system for latest injector technologies

Efficient testing of passenger-car and commercial-vehicle common rail injectors


Suitable to test all passenger-car (CRI) and commercial-vehicle (CRIN) common rail injectors available on the market

Efficient testing thanks to short mounting and testing times

Ergonomic design and intuitive operator guidance

Johannesburg, South Africa, Automechanica 2019 – In the light of new emission limits in line with the Euro 5 and 6 emission standards, accurate testing of modern diesel engine common rail injectors is of increasing importance for everyday workshop business. The higher the accuracy of their quantity measurement, the more precisely can the injectors be adjusted. By means of DCI 700, Bosch developed a new diesel test bench allowing accurate and reliable testing of all – Bosch and third-party manufacturer – common rail injectors for cars and commercial vehicles. Thanks to its new measuring system, DCI 700 can also be used to test injectors equipped with current injection control systems such as Needle Closing Control (NCC) or Valve Closing Control (VCC). At injectors with NCC or VCC, an electronic control loop ensures high injection dosing accuracy throughout the entire service life thus contributing to compliance with applicable exhaust emission limits. This new technology requires new measurement systems already provided by Bosch DCI 700. This makes it a future-proof investment for automotive workshops. Bosch first presents the DCI 700 diesel test bench at the Automechanika fair in Frankfurt on the Main (Germany), where the DCI 700 will be launched on the African continent at the AutoMechanika South Africa.

Short testing time: four injectors tested within less than 20 minutes

The assembly and disassembly of four passenger-car or commercial-vehicle injectors takes less than five minutes each. Therefore, four connected CRI or CRIN injectors can be tested within 20 minutes at the maximum. All in all, the system is highly service-friendly; among other things because it does not require any high-pressure hoses anymore. Software updates and test plans can be downloaded and installed online.

More ergonomic and efficient workflow

Besides modern measurement technology, the Bosch developers also focused on an efficient and ergonomic workflow and an intuitive control concept. It allows the operator to stand upright in front of the test bench without having to bend over to connect the injectors. Moreover, the base of DCI 700 is sloped towards the back. Therefore, the operator can close up to the device. The reflection-free screen can be adjusted to the operator’s eye level and turned in all directions. This allows the operator to always keep an eye on the test routine. The workspace lighting is bright, dazzle-free and easy on the operator’s eyes.

Specialized Bosch Diesel Service workshops worldwide

There are some 3 500 Bosch Diesel workshops worldwide specialized on the maintenance and repair of diesel injection systems. Bosch Diesel Service workshops (BDS) are specialized on the repair of diesel injection components while Bosch Diesel Centers (BDC) offer complete diesel service – reaching from diagnoses and component repair to specialized technical services. The employees of all Bosch Diesel workshops are specifically trained and have latest diagnostic and test equipment as well as the required special tools at their disposal. Due to their high diesel competence and many years of experience, they are renowned for the excellent reputation they have throughout their sector.

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